My Guruji


Late Sh. Satya Prakash Goyal
is not only my Grandfather but also my Guru/Mentor/Godfather. He achieved the eminence & respect as a Palmist and Astrologer in the society by dint of his great pains in this field for about 50 years. As the years rolled by, he was honoured with a Gold-Medal also in Palmistry. Although he was an old-timer law-graduate and a practising legal consultant but his hobby for Palmistry and Astrology made him an expert. As the luck would have it, before leaving for his heavenly abode he thought he must provide this Gyan/Knowledge to someone who could continue & bring new heights to this gradually diminishing ancient Vidya/Science. Keeping that in mind he saw Palms & Kundlis of many of his family members but finally decided on "Shivam".
Sh. Satya Prakash Goyal has to his credit 2 books in which he has given his life time experiences.